Being a valuable and responsible green energy generation company and enforce the best zero emission green renewable technologies in-order to provide the better eco-friendly environment for the communities where we operate. A healthy generation of people would be the asset of any government in the world by protecting their environment and the planet earth, which we support.


Work with various countries across the globe and other international organizations like UN, World Bank etc to promote green energy solutions and reduce carbon emission up to the maximum extent by offering long lasting, sustainable green renewable energy solutions with most modern technologies in the world.

Welcome to CGW Hybrid Power

CGW Hybrid Power Pvt. Ltd, incorporated for the advancement of green energy revolution across the world. We are the power generation and implementation partner of reputed international energy corporations in the world. We believe in promoting 100% renewable green energy with zero emission for the industrialization of countries without compromising the environmental factor...

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produce & consume power where it is needed!

There is no need for Grid connectivity and transmission lines. Hybrid generates power where it is required, thereby preventing the huge power losses in transmission, which may go up to 20 to 30 percent even!

sturdy equipment with long durability

Since air is abundant, unlimited, the equipment can operate efficiently 24 hours a day indefinitely anywhere in the world, since there is no combustion or heating. It is so sturdily built that it will operate efficiently for even up to 50 years, with only occasional need for servicing or for the quick replacement of a part.

Produces Power Without Fuel

The Hybrid does not use any fossil fuel or carbon-based compounds to produce electricity. In this Power Plant, high - velocity air is used in a sophisticated patented reactor/turbine, as the power producing agent. It is the World's most advanced and most efficient green energy technology.

Lowest Cost Power!

Hybrid Power Plants for the three core sectors are ready for manufacture. Domestic sector Commercial establishments sector Industrial scale sector These power plants will produce power at an incredible cost.

Get Power 24x7,365 days non-stop!

The Power Generator is named as "Hybrid Generator". It is one of the world’s most Innovative and Advanced Technology-based Power Generator/Power Plant, which can generate electricity 24 x 7, without fossil fuels or water/steam input, by using only air as the medium, and Fuel-less Power Generator/Power Plant.